6 Steps to Taking your Multifamily Business to the Next Level

Having a plan to execute on is where it all begins for anyone who wants to achieve their goals, and this is no different when trying to take your Multifamily business to the next level. These 6 steps were the foundation for our company to get to the point to where it is today and will continue to be the road map for our future.

1. Decide 

Decide to take the next step in your life and your business and take massive action. Do not be a tire kicker, do not go back on your goals and do not procrastinate. Deciding means to go all in; have a plan and be committed, be intentional and be consistent.

2. Create Core Values

When you have core values, decision making becomes much easier and you have clarity on the direction you want to move towards. If you have a decision weighing on you, you can simply refer to your core values.  If it does not align with them, then it is an easy no. If it does align, then you move forward with the decision. Our core values at Limitless Estates are to Impact the Lives of Others, Community Development, Inspire Others and Create Win, Win, Win Scenarios. All decisions that we make on the business revolve around these core values.

3. Align your Goals with your Family

Alignment of goals is extremely important and it’s best to deal with this beforehand rather than after the fact. Much like creating core values, if your goals are aligned with your families, then the tough decisions become much easier because you are on the same page. If you don’t start on the same page and align your goals, it will be a rocky road.  Make sure you take the time to lay everything out with your family so you can work together on accomplishing your goals.

4. Education + Action = Results

This section speaks for itself but you cannot create results without either of these two. Make sure you are consistently educating yourself and never stop learning, then use what you learn to take massive action. And remember, FAIL stands for First Attempt In Learning. As long as you take action on what you learn, failure is a good thing and your action will begin to turn into massive results.

5. Create an Educational Platform

When I first got started in multifamily, I relied heavily on modeling after others (per Tony Robbins). There is no reason to re-create the wheel, model after those who are succeeding at a high level at the things you want to be successful at and you will get there much faster. That being said, creating an educational platform has helped many multifamily investors leapfrog their competition and launch their successful careers. Find something you have a passion for and that you excel at and start there. Educational platforms can be as simple as a blog, meetup or a podcast, and can be as complex as a coaching program with live conferences. Whatever you choose, do it consistently and with the intention of always adding as much value back to others as possible.

6. Expand your Network

As they say your network is your net worth. The more you get out there and expand your network, the faster you will scale your business. I am now just one phone call away from solving my next challenge because of my network. And when you know that, you can be fearless when going after your dreams and goals.