Frequently Asked Questions

No, your total loss cannot exceed the amount you invest.

We think so. We try to create safe, thriving communities where tenants will not only stay, but also refer their friends and relatives. It’s good for business, but also good for people.

Yes, you can expect to receive monthly updates about the property, its financial condition, and other matters. We will provide updates via email. We will also do quarterly calls for each property and are available for any questions or concerns you may have.

We will typically aim to hold our properties for approximately five years (although certain properties may be held for longer or shorter periods depending on the characteristics of each property and prevailing market conditions), at which point we intend to seek a “liquidity event,” such as a sale or refinancing of the property. However, there is no guarantee that we will be able to successfully pursue a liquidity event with respect to any of our properties. Market conditions may delay or even prevent the Manager from pursuing liquidity events. If we do not or cannot liquidate our real estate portfolio, or if we experience delays due to market conditions, this could delay Investors’ ability to receive a return of their investment indefinitely and may even result in losses, notwithstanding the provisions of the LLC Agreement.

No, you will not receive a paper certificate. Your ownership will be recorded electronically.

Yes, through a Self-Directed IRA, eQRP or Solo401k.

Yes, however that number can very deal by deal. Typically the minimum amount you can invest will be $50,000.

Theoretically if you wanted to buy all shares available for a particular property, you are more than welcome to.

Anyone 18 or older can invest, although you must be an accredited or sophisticated investor. For more information visit

We plan to make distributions quarterly, if we have profits to distribute.

We will make distributions by depositing money directly into your bank account as so-called ACH transfers.

As an Investor, you will not have a right to vote or otherwise participate in managing the investment, except on very limited matters. Instead, the Manager will make all decisions, including investment decisions. Investors will have the right to remove the Manager only in very limited circumstances.

No. You are more than welcome to invest in as many deals as we have available.

No. Guaranteeing a return on an investment is actually against the law. We underwrite our deals conservatively in order to try and be sure that our deals perform to expectations. With that said, we have done and continue to do research to ensure we know what is going on in the area where we are investing. We know that if our deals do not perform for our investors, our business will not succeed. We put our investors and the residents first.

We are not looking for any investor out there. We want to partner with investors interested in making a difference in the communities we invest in and make a good return as well. We believe that making a positive difference in the communities we invest in will impact the bottom line more than if we only look at the numbers. We don't only want good business deals, we want to help build communities up.