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Best Ever Real Estate

Gary had multiple businesses before getting into real estate investing. Once he started with real estate investing he knew that he wanted to syndicate apartment …

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Mindful Multi Family Show #40 with Chris Salerno

Kyle Mitchell is a real estate entrepreneur who has a focus on Multifamily Syndication and currently has $17MM AUM. Heis the managing. Partner and Co-FounderofLimitlessEstates, who’s vision is to provide A-class living to lower-income housing by putting the residents first and instilling a sense of community while inspiring others to do the same.

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Gary Lipsky: Syndicating AZ Multifamily and…

Gary Lipsky and his partner Kyle Mitchell met in LA and became close on their midnight trips to Tucson AZ to checkout multifamily deals. Their level of commitment took them form a $1.5M deal to a $15M deal and now they are ready to scale into even bigger projects.

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From House Hacking to Multifamily Syndication with Kyle Mitchell

In this episode Kyle shares his experience from house hacking to turnkey rentals to multifamily syndication. He is the managing partner and co-founder of APT Capital Group with $17MM of assets under management.

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Prosperity Through Multifamily Real Estate Investing

In our first episode, we spend some time speaking with Gary Lipsky, Founder and Principal of Break of Day Capital.

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Catch-ups and Coronavirus Updates with Gary…

As we head into increasingly uncertain times, it is important to have financial contingency plans for investment properties.

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Break of Day Capital and Limitless Estates Close $15.15 Million Multifamily Acquisition

PHOENIX, AZ – Break of Day Capital and Limitless Estates have purchased the La Casa Apartments in Phoenix, Arizona for $15.15m. This is their second acquisition in Arizona in the last seven months and their business plan is to purchase four more properties in the next twelve months.

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Maximize your Property Value with John A Stiles

It is a common saying among real estate investors that you make money when you buy, not when you sell.
While this catchy phrase has value, it fails to convey how easy it is to lose money through poor property management and the lack of a good business plan.

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Ready2Scale with Elie Perlman

When it comes to real estate investing, we all know that keeping a steady deal flow is critical to properly growing and scaling your portfolio. Kyle Mitchell has learned the key to this is relationships, and has made it an intentional best practice in running his multifamily syndication.

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Level Up REI Podcast with Lisa Hylton

Starting in the real estate business entails a lot of preparation and education. Together with the varieties to go about it, you simply cannot jump from one to another, like from single-family to multifamily, for example.

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Real Estate Foundation Podcast

Kyle Mitchell is a real estate entrepreneur who has a focus on Multifamily Syndication and currently has $17MM in assets under management.

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Multifamily Investor Nation

Investing in multifamily real estate can bring you more profit and income in this day and age, especially if you have strategies and creative ways in dealing with issues that comes along the way.

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