Our Method and Strategy

At APT Capital Group, we seek opportunities to improve inefficient operations, re-brand, renovate and enhance the resident experience which drives up net operating income and value, to build wealth for you. We minimize risk by sourcing opportunities in markets with strong fundamentals and in gentrifying and improving neighborhoods. We strive to improve communities not just for our bottom line but for the residents in which we serve.

It takes countless hours on our part before you, the investor, actually see an offering. First, we assess deals we get from brokers and other resources that we have carefully sourced and developed over many years to see if the opportunity meets our criteria. If it does and we like it, we go into a deeper dive to analyze the deal. Our meticulous analysis is the foundation of our fiduciary responsibility to our investors. If the opportunity passes our rigorous tests, we perform due diligence, submit an offer and negotiate.

Each property is unique, but typically we will begin rehab very soon after closing, reposition it with new branding and continue to maximize income and minimize expenses throughout the duration of the hold. An investment is typically a 3-5 year lifespan depending on if we project continued upside, the current state of the market and most importantly the velocity of our investors’ money. Throughout the investment, we promise consistent and transparent communication.

Over 45 years of operational and management experience gives us a competitive advantage. We communicate with you, the investor, consistently in a transparent and effective manner to make it easy for you to sleep easy at night and build wealth.