Not all landlords want to hire property managers. It could be that fees are too expensive and erase the margins completely or just that they would like more control. Whatever the case, landlords need systems to self-manage their property. Today’s guest, Laurence Jankelow, co-founded a company, Avail, that has built an all-in-one suite of tools to help landlords manage their rental properties. We kick off the show by hearing about how Laurence’s desire to earn passive income and achieve financial freedom led him to real estate investing and ultimately starting Avail. He shares the company’s founding story and how it solves the pain points he and his partner, Ryan, faced as self-managing landlords. From there, we learn more about Avail and the tools it offers landlords and tenants. From tenant screening to maintenance requests to rental payments, the platform currently offers a range of services that are both safe and convenient for users. There are several other features in the pipeline, which Laurence also sheds light on. We then discuss some of the important systems DIY landlords should have in place along with how to manage out of state properties. As usual, we wrap the show up with our Final Four questions. Be sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Hear about Laurence’s background and his transition from the corporate world to real estate.
  • Laurence’s motivation for starting Avail and how it grew from an idea on a napkin to where it is now.
  • Find out more about Avail and the services it offers both DIY landlords and tenants.
  • Why Laurence and his partner, Ryan, rebranded and ultimately decided on the name Avail.
  • Avail’s pricing structure and the difference between the unlimited and premium plans.
  • Hear about how Avail manages maintenance requests from the tenant and landlord side.
  • How Ryan incentivizes his tenants to help with showings he can’t do himself.
  • Some other important systems that DIY landlords should have in place.
  • Learn about the impact that COVID has on Avail’s systems and the market generally.
  • The importance of setting up systems to help save time and ensure legal compliance.
  • Why Laurence is passionate about three-unit multifamily investments.
  • Final four questions with Laurence: The tools he can’t do without, his biggest mistake, and more!

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