Today, we speak with our very own Gary Lipsky about the 2021 Virtual Asset Management Summit. Gary is a successful asset manager and is the founder and managing partner of ATP Capital. Before we dive into things, Gary shares a little bit of information about APT Capital Group, which focuses on B and C value-add properties in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. We then get into the crux of this episode, as Gary shares all the exciting details about last year’s event and what we can look forward to with this year’s summit. Gary recaps 2020’s extensive range of guests which included Gene Towbridge, Brandon Hall, and Hunter Thompson, to name a few. This year, APT is hoping to expand on their panel of guests and plan on tackling a range of topics that aren’t ever covered in summits. With free and VIP options to choose from, the Asset Management Summit caters to all types of investors; active, passive, big, and small. Toward the end of the show, Gary also talks about why creating a summit is beneficial to those who host it. Following this, Gary looks toward the future and tells us about the upcoming book, Best In Class, detailing how it covers tax, due diligence, and a whole lot more. To conclude, we ask Gary our final four set of questions and find out what tools he can’t do without, and his biggest business blunder, and how he overcame it. For more, be sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest, our very own Gary Lipsky.
  • More about Gary’s background.
  • What value APT Capital provides. 
  • Why Gary felt compelled to create a summit with a different angle. 
  • Gary describes how the event went in 2020.
  • What sets the Asset Management Summit apart from other summits.
  • How active and passive investors can benefit from the summit.
  • Gary shares a scoop on what this year’s summit will look like. 
  • Hear who this year’s expected guests are.
  • The VIP access has some unmissable 2021 offerings.
  • Reasons behind creating a free event.
  • Hosting a summit can help with company growth and brand recognition.
  • Find out what the real estate future holds.
  • We ask Gary our final four set of questions.

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