Welcome to another Asset Management Friday’s Edition of the Passive Income Through MultiFamily Real Estate Podcast. Today’s guest on the show is Veena Jetti, who is the founding partner of Vive Funds, a unique commercial real estate firm that specializes in curating conservative opportunities for investors. Veena is also a multifamily owner-operator, real estate investor, and entrepreneur with over 10 years of real estate experience. She brings a dynamic perspective to targeting, acquiring, managing, and operating assets using best practices combined with cutting edge technologies, and her professional expertise includes driving corporate strategy and business development opportunities. In this episode, Veena addresses the capital side of asset management, talking about investor experience and engagement, and she asserts the importance of being transparent and over-communicating with investors, especially during times of uncertainty. Tune in to find out more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Veena introduces herself, and shares a bit about her background and her business.
  • What the capital side of asset management means to Veena – it’s about investor experience.
  • How Veena keeps investors engaged, both on a month-to-month basis and annually.
  • One of the questions Veena consistently receives from investors revolves around K1s.
  • Overseeing every aspect of asset management, from capital raise to investor relations.
  • Veena’s advice as an experienced operator is to over-communicate with investors.
  • Why being transparent is Veena’s asset management super power.


“What about the capital management side of the asset management? For me, what that is is the investor experience beyond agreeing, and committing, and funding a deal, what happens through the five-year hold period? How does that communication occur, how is that investor experience? Is it good enough that they’re now wanting to invest with you on your next project that might be running concurrently with an open project?” — @veenajetti [0:02:24]

“We invest alongside every single one of our investors. It is our money just as much as theirs, and being able to communicate that, and share what is happening and how you are handling the situation in a way that is appropriate and is reassuring for your investors, I think that’s the most important thing.” — @veenajetti [0:09:43]

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