Having a diverse passive investment portfolio is important for many reasons. Not only can it help you withstand crashes in certain asset classes, but it also decreases your risk tremendously. Our guest today, Dale Corpus, is here to share with us the importance of having a diverse portfolio. Since 2006, Dale has been investing in income-producing real estate and has recently added commercial real estate syndications in workforce housing, mobile home parks, and self-storage as a way to scale and grow his investing business. In this episode, we learn about the different roles Dale has had in real estate and how a growing family pushed him further towards passive income. We also learn more about the different asset classes he’s invested in, how he keeps up to date with what’s happening in his portfolio, and why mortgage note buying excites him the most. Dale also walks us through how he is managing his own retirement account and the different ways he leverages debt and equity. You don’t want to miss out, so tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Dale’s background and how getting laid-off started his real estate journey.
  • Learn more about the details of Dale’s first passive investment deal.
  • How Dale is studying the four different asset classes he’s invested in.
  • Lessons Dale has learned from multiple syndications: Choose your sponsors wisely.
  • Why Dale chooses to invest in both debt and equity and where he sources each investment.
  • Dale's strategy preparing for the recession and his most exciting recession-proof asset class.
  • What Dale does to keep track of all his investments and the importance of communication.
  • Dale’s advice for anyone out there trying to get involved in passive investing.
  • Final four questions with Dale: The tool he can’t do without, his biggest mistake, and more.


“I know that I don’t have the answers for everything but I know somebody in my network has that answer, someone they know has that answer.” — Dale Corpus [0:06:11]

“Choose your sponsors wisely. You're going to be stuck with that sponsor for sometimes a good seven to 10 years.” — Dale Corpus [0:06:35]

“One of the biggest things that I do to reduce my risk in investing is that I really don’t go outside of the box of what’s done historically well during the past recessions.” — Dale Corpus [0:10:28]

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