Oftentimes first responders, with their intense work lives, can get so consumed by what they’re doing professionally, that they neglect aspects like wealth creation. Our guest today, Dave Knight, is a full-time police officer and founder of First Responder Wealth Network, a platform dedicated to helping first responders achieve their financial goals through real estate investing. In this episode, Dave sheds light on his real estate journey and how he slowly built up the knowledge he needed to succeed. He didn’t want to keep what he had learned to himself, which is why he launched an educational platform. Through his work, Dave hopes that he can tackle the taboo of talking about money that is prevalent in the first responder community. He believes that by showing people different options, they can begin to imagine a different future for themselves. We also discuss which asset classes he is invested in, how he remains so passionate about education, and the importance of surrounding yourself with people who are succeeding. Be sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Learn more about Dave’s background as a police officer and his work in real estate.
  • How Dave found real estate and why he wanted to share his knowledge with others.
  • Why Dave wanted to give back to his community of first responders and the reception he’s had.
  • Find out how Dave is reaching first responders and different asset classes he’s focused on.
  • Why Dave is not too concerned about having a very particular niche. 
  • A success story that Dave has seen from someone who has taken on his teachings.
  • Final four questions with Dave: The tool he can’t live without, his biggest mistake and more.


“There are options out there and just figure out what your goals are and what it is you want to do and how much time and effort you're really wanting to put into it.” — Dave Knight [0:05:37]

“I personally don't feel there are enough people talking to my own community, so I'm stepping up and getting a lot of great people around me to help me with that.” — Dave Knight [0:11:18]

“I would love to grow it to a trusted source, a go-to source for all first responders in Canada and the US to learn about real estate investing. I want to be that trusted source where they can learn and then also provide some education through that.” — Dave Knight [0:14:03]

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