Why Invest in Multifamily?

Have you heard stats such as “90% of millionaires attribute their wealth to real estate”? Or heard stories of living the good life off passive cash flow from rental property? Combine this with the recent years of unpredictable, disappointing stock markets, and you get masses of people realizing they have no control over many of their investments and therefore their life savings. Tired of blindly following the crowd of 401K stuffers, many have started looking at why so many wealthy people own real estate.

When it comes to real estate investments, we focus in multifamily apartment complexes because of the control it provides in determining the investments results. Some of the most powerful factors in real estate are control, debt (leverage), and taxes. For the average investor, leverage is commonly used in real estate, but not in stocks or private lending. In addition, the IRS and owners of investment rental property might as well be best friends because the IRS has made so many rules to benefit us!

In multifamily (5+ units) or other commercial investment real estate, the value of the property is based on the income the property produces. This is exactly why the wealthy focus on commercial property such as multifamily apartment complexes. Being that you control the income and expenses in a property, you also control the value. What this means is if you have a way to increase income either by raising rents, billing residents back for utilities, or adding any other source of ancillary income to the operations of the property, you will also add value. Also, if you decrease expenses by renegotiating operating expense costs, billing residents back for utilities, reducing turnovers and vacancy, putting in energy efficient light bulbs and plumbing fixtures, or ANY other way to cut operating expenses, you increase the value of your property.

An article for more tips on ways to increase rents (some may not apply to all of our investments) that our team will implement to drive the value of our properties can be found here.